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Kurt K.
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Here are some images from a sheet of Horror Monster orange cards. The sheet looks like it was cut into six panels, four of which are shown here (three in close ups, the 4th ganged up). If the panels were all 25 each, that would make 150 cards (too many on a sheet) so the 5th and 6th panels were probably just a strip 5 cards each. That would make the sheet total of 110 cards, measuring 28 inches wide and 35 inches long. (Thats 11 rows of ten cards.) There were 80 cards in the set, so that would mean 30 dupes per sheet (assuming the overprints were only duplicated once). Looking at the picture of all four panels, one sees some cards more than twice. Don't be fooled by that. The panel in the top right corner appears to be a duplicate of the panel in the top left corner, but cut a column closer to the edge. (Notice the white border on the outside, used for "gripping" the sheet by the press.)

This pictures reveal just some of the 30 overprints (dupes) in the set.


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