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Dan Check Email for better 45 pic. will send after this message. PS have related ads, tf interested
Dan C
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Why not finish this 96 "card" set.

The two missing cards are
noted near the top of the webpage......

Ralph Perry did the hard work,
documenting all 96.
Dan C
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we knew early on that the webpage numbers

didnt match to Ralph's list.....for a few valid reasons...


Does anyone want to check the webpage to Ralphs list to

see what errors can be found....

It looks like there are at least 2 cards shown twice.

...anyone ?

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Dan , as you state ,there were 2 cards the same showing but I think the N54 Doc fixed the broken bones a few months back ...

great set and full marks to RP for all his hard work .
Dan C
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but can't find the ONE missing card...

although it could be card that's numbered 45

It must be there, as 96 are now shown


Dan C
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Dan ,

from what i can remember we had problems locating the last card which was #45 ...

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