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Peter Calderon
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With Tom's Blessing...

This Thursday the Heritage Auctions Signature Sports Collectibles auction is ending, so time is short for participation in the biggest hobby event of the Fall. With close to 2,400 lots, this auction is the largest for Heritage and should provide something of interest for every collector.

The Non-Sports section has over 100 lots including numerous sets from the 19th Century through the 1970s, many fully graded by SGC and PSA. At the 2011 National Convention in Chicago we picked up the collection from one veteran hobbyist that contained over 200 sets! What was nice is that many of the sets came with wrappers. The collection spanned from the late-1930s to 1980 and portions will appear in the catalog plus the three monthly auctions listed below. Each auction will have 30-50 lots from vintage to the modern era. Some other catalog highlights include a 21-card near set of R158 Uncle Sam/Home Defense High Numbers with some of the finest examples graded to date, a trio of PSA 10 1959 Fleer Three-Stooges cards plus a high grade set and your choice of Mars Attacks complete sets and a scarce Mars Attacks wrapper.

Signature Catalog Bidding:
Session 1 Ends online. Thursday November 10th at 10 PM Central time is the deadline for initial bidding. Each lot ends individually with our Extended Bidding format (the 30-minute clock rule).

Session 2 Live Auction. Friday November 11th at 11 AM Central time will begin the Live Auction for the Memorabilia portion of the auction. Interested bidders may participate on Heritage Live, providing streaming audio, video and bidding capabilities from the auction floor in Dallas. Telephone bidding is also available.

Session 3 Ends online. Friday November 11th at 10 PM Central time is the deadline for initial bidding in our Final Session, featuring over 700 lots of trading cards and memorabilia. Each lot ends individually with our Extended Bidding format (the 30-minute clock rule).

Monthly Auctions of note for Non-Sports Collectors:

Auction #151146 Bidding has begun. Auction ends Sunday, November 13, 2011.}

Auction #151149 Bidding has begun. Auction ends Sunday, December 4, 2011.}

Auction #151151 Bidding begins November 20, 2011. Auction ends Sunday, December 18, 2011.
(I will add a link when bidding begins)

Thank you to everyone who participates and please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or would like a catalog.

Tom Boblitt
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to Heritage (and Pete) for supporting the site with an ad banner...............

Some great stuff..........beautiful registry sets.....
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I won a lot of Murad College sports cards.

I am now worried

It did not have a card break down,only generalized info and the "eye" grade seemed arbitrary as it said "30% in poor condition" and it mentioned Trimmed cards apart from the "poor" grades. So now I am worried that I will end up with 50% poor

What made it worse was 9 cards were in the pan/zoom image out of 107 not really giving me the "picture is worth a thousand words" if they were a cherry picked since there are no trimmed or poor cards in the image.

We shall see

Will be the defining point for me if I continue to buy or not. I have barely been outbid on the T58 lot of 92/100 + 55 variant back SCG graded cards and as these thoughts passed through my mind I have opted to forgo additional bidding till my lot arrives.

Excited and nervous
Why is there no description for an auction lot?

Heritage has some of the finest catalogers in the world working full time writing descriptions for Signature and Online Session auctions. Above and beyond these large auctions, we hold regular Internet only auctions every year. In Internet only auctions, we provide only a bare bones description of the lot. We would not be able to afford to bring you the kind of quality lower-priced material that you usually see in these auctions if we took the time to individually describe every item, and in this case our quality images and Pan and Zoom feature really prove the adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Peter Calderon
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To all - As far as images are concerned, no we don't have the time or resources to picture every card from every lot. It would great if we could. As Tom said, the images we do post are the largest in the hobby. We pictured 12 cards from the lot Robert won which is a standard quantity for many of the card lots we offer.

What I am at a complete loss is how Robert can claim there is no description to the lot he won? The lot he won clearly says the condition is "There is some light duplication. Grades 24% VG to EX, 46% PR to GD, 30% trimmed to the central image." I even noted the quantity of a few of the more popular sports like Baseball, Golf and Basketball. If 50% of the lot was in poor condition it would have said that plain and simple. If anyone ever has any questions regarding a description I am available by phone or email. Emails are faster only because that will give me time to have the cards in question in front of me when I respond back to you.

BTW - Every card in the T58 lot (#80734) is graded by SGC and the entire list is available on our web site.

Peter Calderon

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I did not say there was no description.

That BOLDED area is from your FAQ for online auctions,not something I spat out.

I felt the description was vague

I will utilize the phone call option in the future. Everyone says call if you need something,but when my emails went unanswered I didn't bother.

I think my biggest worry was it said the following

Grades 24% VG to EX, 46% PR to GD, 30% trimmed to the central image.

46% poor to good then an additional 309% are trimmed,76% are poor/good/trimmed. I get it now. 24% are keepers

I felt the description could have been better,but I bid anyway

I figure if this site allows a banner for you then it has to be reasonably safe, hence me throwing caution into the wind and bidding to buy
Richard L.
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A simple solution for future bidding, you could have made a phone call for a more in depth description!
Tom Boblitt
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to call first....or have Pete's email from his post. He's one of the principal folks dealing in nonsports (and sports) with Heritage's Sports side of the equation. He worked formerly at Mastro as well, so he knows his stuff. MANY auction houses deal with just shooting a small sampling of cards and many times they're the best cards in the lot. I've found myself winning lots that I kind of had buyers remorse on and just chalk it up to the future bidding strategies.

Heritage is trying to build up their nonsports auctions and, as a result, we all should benefit.....bring more goods out of the woodwork and provide another outlet should any of us need to sell. They are a top notch machine when it comes to shipping and the scans they DO provide are second to none. You can zoom in on things and literally see paper fragments on the corners. Just email or call someone from their group and hopefully they can elaborate on a given lot for you.

Good luck on the lot you did win. Hopefully it'll surprise on the upside...........have had that happen MANY times with Heritage and other auctioneers.......Phillip Weiss lot I got Monday as an example.....

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