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Tom Boblitt
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So everyone's up to'll see this at the top of the forums anyway, but here's an up to date look........

New Advertisers
Sterling Sports Auctions
Heritage Auctions

No Longer Advertisers
Huggins & Scott an effort to maintain this 'community' moving forward, I'm looking at some other options for forum hosting and hosting for the Gallery pages.....

Network54 is not the most stable environment or company as we've all seen throughout the time we've posted here. I just want to ensure that if something happens that we have a place to transition to using a newer, more up-to-date bulletin board software that you see with other sites like the Net54 baseball site. There's a couple different options out there with vBulletin and pHpBB. If anyone has any thoughts on that, please feel free to post them.........I know there's heartburn with switching softwares for posting but another option would give us more security and the ability to manage the board with some more robust tools.....

In the future, anything we have would be located at which I have registered and have parked.

In the event that something ever happens with Network54 and our forum, please 'meet' at the URL above for notification of what to do next......I've had a few people contact me about such an 'emergency' plan, so I wanted everyone to know about it....

So........special thanks to Brian at Sterling Sports Auctions and Pete Calderon at Heritage Auctions for their ongoing support of the forum and nonsports in general.
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This may be a given, but if/when the board is moved, will all the old posts be archived and searchable at the new location?
Tom Boblitt
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a hope would be to work with Leon and get whoever he used to do that to pull the ones from this board too. That's under the category of 'stay tuned' but has to be an integral part...............

Ralph P
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Tom, I hope Huggins & Scott are being given a chance to "do the right thing" re a Forum banner ad and will do so, just as they have in the past.

A contribution to the Forum's finances should be a very modest expense for them, but it goes miles toward establishing and maintaining a favorable reputation with all us NS collectors!

Can you provide us a listing of all current advertisers, as well as all companies that have been asked to advertise but refused to do so? Would be interesting to see such lists starkly, in the bright sunlight . . .

(Please be sure to immediately dun any auction company for a contribution, whenever they post their announcements here! )
Dave Hornish
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Leon's transition went pretty well and the old archive is still available (and searchable) on the new site. Netwrok54 is definitely creaky these days....
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Why not just add a non-sport portion(s) to the Net54 baseball forum ? After the main Net54 vintage category was established, Leon added additional categories like Memorabilia, Football, Hockey. Golf, etc,...

Just my thoughts....

See you in Chicago in August.


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I must admit to many bells and whistles just make a lot of noise .

If things change I hope all goes well for you Tom .

Tom Boblitt
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Huggins & Scott elected not to continue the banner ad for this year. They advertised for 3 years for which I was completely appreciative. Everyone has to figure out how to get the most bang for their bucks on advertising obviously. Maybe they will come back at some point.

As for who else has been approached, suffice it to say more have and some are discussing it and others are not considering it. I don't think it's prudent to 'out' those either way until they have advertised.

Also on board.........

DJR - David Rosenberg

Legendary Auctions


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Hey Guys

Tom will have my full support if ya'll transition to a new platform. I am not technical but I do know a few folks that are. I still come over here every now and then to see how it's going and see what's a happenin'. I think Tom does a great job with this site. I know the feeling of not having any control and not having the necessary s/w to keep the forum safe. I am very happy with what we chose over on the baseball side. I/we decided in Vbulletin after quite a bit of research. Tom knows how to get a hold of me when it's time. Best regards and take care ya'll
Reply with quote  #10 is what I use for picture hosting for my site. Cheap, simple and very stable. You can even create member pages where members can post their images so they aren't lost when members' image hosting change.
Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc
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