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Jason Gorham
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I'm looking for some help on the R109 Pirate's Picture Bubble Gum set. The lack of information on this set has been frustrating, even down to figuring out the year the set was produced. There isn't any copyright information on the cards (or even identification about who made the cards).

You have to look on the wrapper to find out it was a Gum, Inc. product. Under the words Bubble Gum on the wrapper, the words Trade Mark appear. The words Trade Mark also appear at the bottom of each card back as seen in the photo below. I'm trying to figure out the year the trademark was filed with the U.S. Govt. Does anyone know or have access to trade mark information that can help me out on this investigation?

Jason Gorham

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Hi Jason ,

I've searched many data bases for reference to the PP issue date, all to no avail .

I did read a while back that the head honcho at Gum Inc didn't put the companies name anywhere near cards that he thought might infringe others copyrights etc . This could well be true as the cads aren't copyrighted either .

As many images in this set (as well as Pak Cups Jolly Roger issue and other Pirate sets of the time) were borrowed from well established artists perhaps he played it safe and kept all info well away from the cards .

I wish you luck in finding an answer .


Jack J.
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I'm not as knowledgeable about the Burdick Catalogs as many of you, but it occurred to me that some dating info might be gleaned based on when Burdick included sets in his catalog. Seems like he was accumulating info in the late 1930's. I'm just wondering whether a study of his entries might shed some general light on issues distributed during this time. A project that someone (not me) is capable of taking on. -Jack
Todd Riley
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I haven't read the article but there were actually 2 people: James (or Jim) Trevor and Paul Koch not Paul Trevor. They were the ones who produced the JRS extension set with the unpublished artwork. Just thought you should know!
Jason Gorham
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Good catch...looks like I got the first names erroneously switched.

Here is a link to Kurt's article:

Jason Gorham
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Mark...good theory. Gum, Inc. may have known they were using a lot of original artwork by Pyle and Wyteth, so they may have tried to fly under the radar a bit.

The George Moll Advertising Agency did a lot of the art and texts for Gum, Inc and Warren Bowman back in the day. I recently stumbled across an article that Kurt Kuersteiner did several years ago on the Jets, Rockets & Spaceman series where he interviewed a collector names Paul Trevor. Paul had worked with George Moll to get some of the text/narrative for the JRS 5th series that wasn't originally published by Bowman along with the 4th series.

I'm just going out on a limb....but does the George Moll Agency still exist? I wonder if they have any records, information that they'd be willing to share.

Kurt....any thoughts on this? Does Paul Trevor still have any contacts with the agency? The article mentioned that Paul worked with George's son after George passed away.
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Here is a sample Trademark registration I found from 1931 for Blony Gum. This information is on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website. Unfortunately I don't find anything on the R109 Pirate's Picture set......

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Jason , nice find .

I've worked with Dan over the last week /10 days in regards to trademarks etc and we've dug up some interesting results & connections .

I'll post them on N54 over the holiday weekend or send you a zipped file with the some of the results .

Keep digging , theres treasure in them there hills .

Have a great holiday weekend.


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veering off course ...apologies , ties in with Jasons image above .

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