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jerry, i dont post much anymore, but this one really got me, i sincerely hope things will get better for you. best rand
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Thank You for all the best wishes. I am overwhelmed with emails so please give me a few days to get back to everyone.
Claude Emond
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to hear stuff like that, take it easy, I wish you the best.

Claude E.
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I have some severe health issues and because of that I am selling off my collection. Look for posts in B/S/T offering cards for sale.

Tom if this post is inappropriate then please delete it.
Tom Boblitt
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Not inappropriate at all.............keeping you in our thoughts.........

Todd Riley
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Wow! I hate to hear anything like this. Good luck with your health issues Jerry!
mr. moses
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sorry to hear that. Keep a positive outlook to drive your recovery - this stuff is just that - stuff..........
Charley Ramone
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Hey Jer,you are in my prayers ,


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Hey Claude - Whenever someone tells me to "Take It Easy" I always reply "At My Age I'll Take It Anyway I Can Get It" Humour is good for the soul.
Lance F
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Hope you get well soon. You'll be in my prayers.
Troy Kirk
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Very sorry to hear this, you are in my thoughts.
Chuck Ross
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Jerry, I'm really sorry to hear this, we will be thinking about you and hoping for the best
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Very sorry to hear this, Jerry! You're in my thoughts. Terry
tony fryer
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Get well soon mate
Gary May
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from this side of the pond

Gary in England
Rick P
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Sending thoughts of hope and strength for you and your family, Jerry...God bless you.

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I remember you announcing your 100 set quest on the cu boards. Hang in there my friend--you have got a lot more sets to collect before your time is due.

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