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I'm looking for additions to my checklist of the tiny movie star cards that were issued in 13-card perforated strips in gumball machines in the 1950s. I have 72 different black and white cards on my checklist at the moment, but suspect there are more. I have less of the colorized versions on my checklist. 

Are there colorized versions of all the black and white cards? Any cards in either the black and white or color version that are not found in the other version? 

I would love to get any additions to the checklist for these in either single card or 13-card strip form. 

Here is all the information I've gathered so far:


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Black & White
Purple back

Rod Cameron
Joan Crawford
Kirk Douglas
Cary Grant
Robert Ryan
(Same John Wayne image is on this strip also, which differs from your strip shown)

Black & White
Purple Back
mostly cowboy strip

Smiley Burnett
Wild Bill Eliot
Gabby Hayes
Roy Rogers

Comic strips were also issued along with actors, flags, and baseball players
gumballl (2).jpg 

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