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Jack J.
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Here's another picture from the REA Auction of the PIC Transfer box. I like the display card. I don't believe that in the write-up or in any of the photos can you see that this was made by Gumakers of America. Only on the open wrapper can you see it. -Jack

Dan C
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Advanced Google Book Searches clearly show
Gum Inc brought legal action against
Gumakers of America in the "early 40s",
and lost.

I know it's a long shot, but..
anyone have any detail information ?
Dan C
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True Spy Stories and Frank Buck ?




Jack J.
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Not exactly a set, but transfers. Here's the wrapper and the enclosed transfer. I don't know the date of this item. Good luck in your research. -Jack J.

Charley Ramone
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Other NONSPORTSMEN have thoughts like this!

I can throw away my meds and fire my doctors.

"Showin the love since 1966"
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nothing more found on the court case Dan but that doesn't mean it's forgotten .


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Does anyone know anything about this set? Is it real?

I found a listing for 1939 Gumakers of America Movie Star set on the web site under "M". There is no other information and no pictures on that site. I have not heardof this set, seen it advertised anywhere else, or seen it discussed on this web site. Not in my copy of the ACC or in the Benjamin guides. A web search on google comes up empty too.

Bill O.
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Dan, here is a link to the court's ruling. Gum, Inc was suing regarding the packaging and wrapper of the gum.

Charley Ramone
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I'm expecting a person in the court room to stand up and scream: " Yes!, I did it...I loathe Gum INC!...I wanted to copy them as closely as possible!...Yeah, So What?...Now the courts see it too!..."

Ok, Ok, I'm having a perry mason flashback.

we've got a crack team of PI's here at net54, I must say.

"Showin the love since 1961"

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