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Jon Hardgrove
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One of the challenges of collecting cards world-wide is language, and my understanding of German is, at best, terrible!

I thought when I acquired these cards that I had sufficient documentation; however, this is proving to be incorrect.

What I THINK I know:

Card set is entitled Das Kraftfahrzeug (The Motor Vehicle)

Card set was printed by Willi Stunings

I have a German card catalogue which lists Das Kraftfahrzeug by W. Stunings as a 160 card set from 1950.

I have far more than 160 cards, with card numbers from 1 to 1462 (not all numbers).

Some cards have model year 1951 vehicles.

In addition to card numbers, there are different serie (series) and gruppes (groups), but the card numbers continue to increase sequentially regardless of serie or gruppe.

I have pictured below the obverse of card 10, and the reverse of card 11.

So my questions would be:

(1) Am I correct on the title of the set and the company?
(2) When was the set printed?
(3) How many cards are in the set?
(4) What is the significance of the various series and groups as far as number and printing year?

Thanks in advance.


Jack J.
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Actually Jon, Google Translate does a pretty good job of translating between German and English. You just type in the German as close as you can, and it immediately translates it to English. Here is what I got when I typed in the back of your card.

Wistu image collection # 11

The motor vehicle

Series B Group 1

(German motor cars after 1945)

opel kapitan-51

Limousine (averaging), 4 doors

6 cyl., 4-stroke, 2456 cc, 58 hp,

3700 rev / min, wheelbase 2695 mm, consumption 11.5 1, top speed about 128km/hr, price DM 9250, -, Year 1951

Scrapbooks Available from:

Publisher Willi Stunings

Automotive gauges, Krefeld


-Jack J.
Jon Hardgrove
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Thanks Jack, yes, I do use Google Translate, but the information I need is not on the cards.

Jon Hardgrove
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Upon further review, to quote our stick and ball friends:

I have approximately 700 different with the highest card number I have of 1463.

It appears there are at least two different printings, as I have some duplicates of the same vehicle pictured on the obverse, same card number, and all text on the reverse identical except the addition of words translating to copyright protected. The interesting tidbit with the printing with the copyright is the direction the vehicle is facing changes 180 degrees.

On the (I assume) original printing with no copyright, vehicles face up with the text on the back up; and on the copyright printing the vehicles face down with the text on the back up.

Checking Ebay turns up several auctions of these in Europe, but they seem to all be from Germany, thus the auction is naturally listed in German. If no one here offers any suggestions soon, I will attempt to correspond with some of the sellers, and use Google Translate.

Bob Dros
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Jon, if you are still looking for info, contact me at and I will put you in contact with an expert here in the Netherlands.
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Dunno if this helps or not. But there use to be a website called You can find their new site here:
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Jon , a response from IanSammel . A Gentleman card collector who posts on the UK forum .


Post-war cards are not my speciality but I had a look at my catalogue and as far as I can see the situation is as follows. Köberich (the German catalogue) lists an album for 160 cards. However an album for 160 cards is not the same thing as there only being 160 cards. Rather there was a (presumably blank) album produced with space for 160 cards and when that was full you started on the second album etc. There are quite a few German sets around where the corresponding album had blank pages so that the collector could stick a selection of cards in which interested him/her rather than trying to collect the whole set. Köberich states that the highest known card number in this series is 1463. Apparently not all cards were issued and a total of around 750 different cards are known. It is quite common with German cards that large series were announced and then not all cards were issued. Hope that clarifies the situation a bit.


Charley Ramone
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Nice assist Mark!

I think Jon (with his car cards) and marty ( with his T cards) were separated at birth.

Jon, Your passion is clear. This kind of stuff would "drive" (ha ha!) me nuts!

I've already been driven insane by G-men skips and distribution and a number of 30's strips with weird numbers add to Bowman wild west UGH!

Congrats on pressing on.

" Shwin the love since 1963 "
Jon Hardgrove
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Thanks guys, Bob sent me to a collector in the Netherlands that sent me a checklist. Now I just need to find the time to go through the check list and my bunch, and see what is left over.

And Charlie - "driven"???

You don't know the half of it. Man does not live by automobile cards alone. There are also automobile records (16, 45, 33, and 78 RPM), automobile models, automobile postage stamps, etc., etc., etc., not to mention automobile parts

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