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In the gallery, there is a picture of the front and back of a panel with cards 101 and 100.

Worthpoint has a picture from an eBay auction with a panel of cards 101 and 97.

Are there any other variations in the pairings of the panels?
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There is an article in NSU Vol 4, No 4 (Oct - Dec 1993) by Bob and Jeffrey Marks discussing their theory on the tank cards.

The have a picture of an original proof sheet of the 8 tank cards. There are 8 because 101 is there twice. Once paired with 97 and again paired with 100. The 101 paired with 97 has the yellow/green background while the 101 paired with 100 has the orange/yellow background.

It's a great article and a must read for anyone interested in this set.
Jack J.
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Here's an OPC wrapper. Sorry it's in such poor shape. I don't have many cards and have never focused on the set, but I find it interesting how the maker has identified the nine series of cards. -Jack J.

Dave Hornish
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I would really like to read this article if anyone has a scan of it-thanks!
Dan C
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From Alan R. Moon
panel 3-7
to be added today

Alan R. Moon
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I'd really like to read it too. Can someone please scan it and post it here? Thanks.

Pete D'Luhosch
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Me, too! Thanks.
Dan C
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This PANEL checklist goes up to card 101 (there will be more).

For the most part, they apprear to have been produced using

groups of "8s" OR "16s".


I have left a few blank slots for "possible" panels" as they are NOT CONFIRMED.


Dan C
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Dan C
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Received the above via email.....

makes for a must read for all Freedom's War collectors.

The article is very well written and give F.W collectors

much food-for-thought.

Hopefully someone that can give "permission of use"

will be "reading/watching" and will allow the

article information to be added to the





Pete D'Luhosch
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You can buy NSU Vol. 4, No. 4 for $4.50 + $2.50 shipping.
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