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Ralph P
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I wonder if we can find out how many of the Heinz Aviation Maps are out there, at least in our Forum's audience? These, of course, were given by Heinz to teachers in the 1930s and are rarely seen.

Am thinking there are probably between 5 - 10 of them in circulation?

Dan, Jim, Don, me . . . who else here has one? (Folks, please don't be shy!)
Dan C
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I just checked my prized Heinz map, purchased for 1,500.00

that came to me in a very beautiful, expensive frame.

I am saddened to report that it was cut by the professional

framer....yes cut on all four top/bottom pieces.

My memory is weak, but I thought the seller had said that

the map was not touched, but totally intact.

What a shock.

Thanks, Ralph, for bring up the topic and forcing me to check.

Ralph P
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Bumping this to see if we can get some responses . . .
Dan C
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The collector that sold me the Heinz Aviation Map in the HUGE, GORGEOUS frame,

saw my above post and was offended. He conveyed to me that he told me years ago

that the "FRAMER" took great pains to create a perfect display, and that NOTHING was

cut..the top and bottom strips are indeed attached.

........So sorry for my errant post !

As to Ralph's question

........I have 3 maps confirmed - thought I had four - all the same small size.

I don't think the larger sized map has surfaced, and has NOT been confirmed.

........The only reference to the larger sized map was in a single magazine ad

........This is from memory, and could be incorrect.

********* Edited to say I have never sold a Heinz Aviation Map *********

Ralph P
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Dan, my measurement of actual size is vertically 31"-plus (metal trim to metal trim) x 42" wide.

The ad from that 1930s school teacher trade mag says 36" x 52", but have never seen one that big.
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The dimensions of a map sold in 2003 were given as 500 x 369 .

I'm afraid I can't access the auction listing as it's long gone.

Dan C
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Ralph, my guess is that I have had about 50 cups of coffee waiting

to see you and others .... to post how many maps you have.

Spare me another cup, folks (and Ralph) many do you have ?

Chuck Ross
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I don't have one, though I think I tried to talk Dan out of one of his a long time ago to go with those Heinz aircraft premiums I have. Tough to talk Dan out of Heinz and Goudey stuff though
Ralph P
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Dan, I only have two, one a nice one and the other, less-nice!

(Stopped going after them, after I had my spare all set. )

I recall that Jim Abdella has one, I think.

And that eBayer 'Whitezima' has one, too.

So with your three, that is at least 7, so far . . .
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I sold mine to Dan, 3 or 4 years ago via the now defunct Mastronet Auctions for a whopping $800.

The real money is in graded cards, stuff like this is for old timers.

Come to think of it, I should have cut mine up and had each card graded.
Dan C
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If you look way back, you might find that I posted information about my first sighting

of a Heinz map......

It was at a New Hampshire ANTIQUE COOP. I often scouted the N.E. coops on Saturdays and

Sundays. The map was actually hanging on the wall of the far left back corner "booth".

When I saw it, numb-nuts that I was, I thought someone had pasted the aviators and planes

to a huge sheet of paper. Talk about being bereft of information !

The ASKING PRICE was 25.00. I purchased it and after realizing it was a very rare NS item,

left a note for the consignor asking if he had MORE.

He/she NEVER replied, but almost every weekend after that, I would visit that lonely

left back corner, looking for other Heinz no avail.....

Now, here it is mind tries to recall the approximate date of purchase. I can safely

say it was 1990-1995. I don't have time to look back at old posts to see what I wrote about that

FIRST SIGHTING, but no matter what, I do know it was a huge thrill...

And yes, I still have that lovely collectible.

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