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Ken Bush
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These cards came with three different backs. The mail in cards have

rouletted edges, they came in tear apart sheets, and only have the

Presidents name on the back. The other two styles list the cereals

that held the cards, the backs were changed when the cards were

inserted into additional brands.

I have the album and mailing envelope plus the full set of cards,

althought I have not been able to locate all of them yet.

Todd Riley
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Just to clarify,

The set contains 32 cards. 16 of them came in a perforated sheet with the President's name on the back. That is the only way to find those 16 Presidents. You could only get this sheet with the mail-away album. The other 16 Presidents came as inserts in the cereal. Those 16 can be found with either a single cereal listed (Raisin Bran - more common) or 3 cereals (Raisin Bran, Shredded Wheat, and 40% Bran Flakes - slightly tougher). So a master set consists of 48 cards.

Here is the sheet:

Here is the mailer:

Also, around the same time the same series was issued by various railroad companies across the U.S. in the form of a poster stamp series with a nearly identical album. The stamps are the same size but have perforations on all for sides like a postage stamp. (Note: these look very different from the Kellogg's cards which have a flat perforation so once removed from the sheet they look pretty much like a card - the stamp definitely looks like a stamp.)
Dave B
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Here is my New York Central Railroad complete sheet....

Dan C
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Thanks to Todd Riley and others, this presidents issue was available in two forms:
with Kellogg's cereal and as a "mail-in" premium.

Any images I post here came from Ebay and the internet.


Ken Bush
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Thanks Todd, I knew the information and I cetainly should have made

it more clear in my post.

I several years of collecting I have found many of the card some albums

and even the mailing envelope, but never a complete sheet. It is nice to

finally see one.
Dave B
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I don't believe the complete sheets are too rare but never the less if you are looking for one here it is complete with album. Send me an email and maybe we can trade something.....
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