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Seems appropriate based on the current discussions to go through some types of Exhibit cards that were meant to be cut apart and played with. All are difficult to find:

1929 Tenderfoot: Set of 32 cards, meant to be cut up for a game. The cards are numbered on the front.

1920s or 1930s Penny Toys For Boys: unknown number of cards.

1929 matching game: 32 cards, numbered, meant to cut into a game.

1929 Poker Chips: unknown total number of cards, meant to be cut into two 'chips' and a coupon for redemption:

Coupon Corners: starting in late 1927 and continuing into the 1930s many [most?] ESCO cards could be found with coupons on their corners to be cut up and redeemed for prizes. The cards vary in difficulty from easy [westerns] to rare [1928 PCL baseball].

This is the result of coupon removal:

These are not clearly meant to be cut up but are found cut up:

Actors and Animals [there is a corresponding strip card issue as well]

1920s 4 on 1 baseball, boxing, entertainment [has corresponding strip cards]:

1929 Star Picture Stamps: some dated and with ESCO name on them, others not.

1931 or 1932 4 on 1 PC back baseball:

4 on 1 movie stars:

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Horseshoe type

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