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So, most of us will now be entering a new kind of world (for the time being)...will might be a
BOON to Ebay buying and selling.....or.....a BUST...

1...BOON: Buying..Stuck at home for many long hours...Lots of time to search Ebay and find items to purchase....Selling..Now we may find the time to comb through items and place them on Ebay..

2...BUST: No time to spend money now as the future is a bit uncertain right now and if things last too long who wants to feel rotten about spending $$ on items they bought if things get tight..

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I already look about as much as one can for "stuff". While I hope people don't suffer physically, emotionally, or financially - it might be nice to see a couple of previously overpriced gems offered at a reasonable price or something good previously unavailable.
I hope to have time to list OR at least do all the prep work for some future listings. Not sure this is the best time to list - I have some "better" things - people are at home - they are worried - economy uncertain - maybe they will feel the need to buy something online to make them feel better and maybe not. I won't give the good stuff away without a fair shot at reaching a reasonable number of interested peepers.
I recently had a flood where nothing was badly damaged and no collectibles lost. It is allowing me access to my shelves and display cases. Time to clean a bit and move a few things around. My community and clubhouse have completely shut down. I had a poker game at my house tonight. We practiced social distancing. As we are a 55 and over community with average age of 71 or so - most people not going out - and blaming their wives - who they recently met on the couch - as there are no more sports.

Mr. Moses

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Already had my first irrational buyer who posted a negative on an item that is in transit.
Beware of the emerging Crazy buyer who has too much time on his hands.

In the past i could have had this illegal negative removed within a 2 minute phone call.

To my dismay phone service has ceased and you have to email your concerns.

Now i have no clue how long that ugly undeserved Negative will sit there until ebay decides to read my email,understand my concern and finally remove the feedback.

New world indeed.
everyone be safe
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