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Tom Boblitt
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First off, I'm not paid by ebay........

Not sure if everyone has joined Ebay Bucks but if you do, you will generally get a 2% rebate every quarter on MOST of the items you buy on ebay placed into your Paypal account as a credit. You then have 30 days to spend it on items. Unless I'm missing something, it's a pretty good deal. The link below will lead you to set up ebay bucks and you can monitor it in your MyEbay........

Pardon me if you think this is intrusive but even if its $20-$30 a quarter, that's basically a free card or two.........
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they started this rebate after they raise their rates. they re giving back 2% to the buyers and added %s to the sellers final price and paypal (6%)
Jon Hardgrove
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Tom - yes, it is a good deal for the buyers, as it is there for the taking.

Not so sure how good it is for the sellers though.

A really good friend, whom I have known for years, has converted his entire sales to ebay. He claims fees (listing, final, paypal) run right at 16 percent of his gross sales.

Maybe it is just the Scot heritage showing, but 16 percent is a wee bit more than I am willing to pay.

Tom Boblitt
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Jon.....they are soaking folks especially with the Paypal thrown in.....

David Goff
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I wasn't aware of the 30day period. I guess I better buy something quickly.
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