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I just picked up a near complete set of cards. Their fronts are the same pictures used in the E29 zoo cards. The backs, however are for "safe and reliable" baking powder, Granger & Co., Buffalo N.Y. Are these still considered E29, or are thy a different # ? What type of value would these have? What year are they? I deal mostly in postcards-tradecards and found these digging through boxes in the basement of an old deceased postcard dealer. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
Dave B
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My guess would be H-677, listed in the ACC as Wild Animals with various issuers.
Tom Boblitt
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they could be worth $2-$3 each. Probably not nearly as much interest as the E29's and there's really not that much interest in those unless they are high grade. Neat set. I've got some of the flags from that company but have never seen the animals.

Tom Boblitt
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some safe and reliable baking powder government buildings like the N14's but with blue borders. They were also used for E48 BBB Honey Kisses.
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