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Daniel H
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The last Noah's Ark thread momentarily got me thinking about my E26 set and after I realized that my interest was artificially peaked, I thought I would ask the question here. I have been working on a set of E26 for at least fifteen years but have never been able to find the following three cards: Antelope, Prarie Dog, and Boar. Can anyone verify that these cards exist? My set is only G-VG, but I sure would like complete it.

As always, your thoughts are appreciated (but a trade would be appreciated more).
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Just recently I was contacted by a non-sport E-collector telling me his E26 set is missing three cards and he has never even seen them. He wanted to know if I had them and could I give him scans. I immediately recognized the names as my set is missing the same three cards: Antelope, Prarie Dog and Boar. I have never seen any of them myself and I've been in the E-card market for more years then I care to admit.

I always had a funny feeling they might not exist as "27" seemed like an odd quantity. Seems that is likely the case.
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while even sounds odd too

Daniel H
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Thanks for the responses guys; I'll consider my set complete at 24.
Chuck Millburn
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No other E set that I know of has a total of 27 cards.

Several others have 24 (E2 E6 E8 E16 E42 E44 E50).

I dont have those 3 cards either.

Set is likely complete at 24.

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then there's always Shean.....sort of.....

Daniel H
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Great card Leon. I was going to scan the back of one of my cards just to point out that the three MIA cards happen to show up as the final three cards on the checklist, but now I don't have to. I've never seen an E26 with a baseball back, but maybe there's one out there somewhere; that would be equally cool.
Tom Boblitt
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cards from the set with folds across them like a trifold? I have about 7-8 of them that have been folded twice like a trifold brochure. They are EXMT to NRMT. I find it hard to believe that someone would have done this intentionally so wondering if there was some Dockman product that necessitated folding to put them in. Kind of like trimming the American Beauty T206's......OR......I just have a bunch of Menagerie Gum cards that have been folded......a premise I currently reject........

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The only Dockman packaging I've seen were the small character size candy boxes, but the cards could have fit inside, unless they wished to keep the "prize" and candy separate, which most companies did at the time.
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I have seen a few other of these boxes too.....These came with the little prize but I am sure a card would have fit in them also...

Tom Boblitt
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looks like teeth.........I think these may be from after the timeframe. I know Dan McKee had/has some of these. I want to say I've seen these advertised as 1930's/1940's boxes. Could be COMPLETELY wrong on that, so don't hold me to it but I just remember that from somewhere. I've held one of those and they are slightly smaller than a Cracker Jack box--right? So they could have easily held an unfolded card.............

Richard L.
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Tom Boblitt
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that's like seeing the McKinley or Strongman for the first time...........didn't think it existed.........Okay Richard, two more to dig up.................u-da-man
Tom Boblitt
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Why so incredibly tough? Was it for some type of redemption or something? 27 is an odd number...........
Chuck Ross
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Richard, you're going to present us with a card never seen before and not include an acquisition story? C'mon buddy, how did that beauty get into your collection?
Eric B
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I'm pretty sure he's just pulling our leg

Chuck Ross
Reply with quote  #17 
Damn...Richard, I'd be interested in some oceanfront property in Nebraska if you have any for sale
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