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Dan C
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1. I have NONE of the 32 mini comics in my collection. There were many times, at collectible shows,
that I could have purchased sub-sets of eight, but never did.

2. I have captured the 32 fronts and 32 backs in 8 images (from ebay) and could use help cropping sizing and naming them.

3. I have made a COMPOSITE of all sub-sets/ all comics..and will post it shortly.

4. I'd love to see webpages, someday I invite those that have accompanying ads, internet info/images, to post or email them.

5. My mom NEVER purchased Wheaties. My brothers and I wanted Kix and Cherrios. Cherrios had a gorgeous
Lone Ranger TOWN SET, which I completed in the early 50s, but mom discarded it as junk.
Dan C
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Dan C
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Ken Bush
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I have full 4 comic sets of Set W, Set X, Set Y and Set Z that were issued

in 1947. These were from Cheerios - each set 10c and 1 Cheerios box top.

Full 8 comic sets of Sets A, B, C and D. Sets A & B from 1950 Sets C & D

from 1951. Each set 15c and 1 Wheaties box top.

Also have the 3D sets from 1954. All 8 of Sets 1 and 3. Only 3 of the 8

from Set 2. Each set 25c and 1 Cheerios box top.

Let me know which ones you would like images of and I will look them up.

I may also have some ads, I will look for them.

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As this crosses over into one of my other areas of interest (comics), I thought I would add what information is available in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide on this series, as well as the earlier (1947) series of 16 Cheerios premiums which had a similar format. I've had a handful of both over the years, but unfortunately did not save the scans. (Note that prices shown are about 3-4 years old).

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super info Lance ,many thanks .
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