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Jack J.
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I was digging in a box of card stuff in the attic from when I collected in the 1980's and found these cards. At the time, all I was collecting in old cards was HOW and True Spy. I guess I was not impressed with these as I have no memory of getting them.

A little research on the net tells me this pair of wanna-be detectives had a radio show for two years around 1932 that was sponsored by Folgers Coffee and Iodent Toothpaste. I could find no ACC reference to them.

As I thumbed through dups to get the best cards, I noticed they all had a crease through the middle. Then I noticed a strange impression on the back of most and, after digging deep in my memory banks, concluded it was the outline of a can opening key. My guess is that to get the card out from wherever it was next to the key, you had to bend the card up to slide it out. Just a guess. - Jack J.

Todd Riley
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Those are neat Jack. What is the highest number you have?
Jack J.
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What you see is what I got. Card #14 is the highest. -JJ
John M
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black and Blue - listening to world's luckiest Dumb Detectives. Typed name in Bing search, probably goggle search. One site shows their Badge.

Ken Bush
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Great cards, for years I collected any premiums or advertising items related

to the old radio programs and have never seen them or knew that they existed.

The Badges are tough, I have had one for years but have been unable to get

one in better condition. Iodent Toothpaste also issued a badge, which I do

not have, I have been out-bid on one a few times, same on a better condition

Folger's badge.


Jack J.
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Ken - I've got a couple of dups if you would like to have a "go with" for your badge.

Email me at:
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I wonder if the badge was just a small part of the free detective outfit that was offered or a separate ' premium ' .

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