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Dan Calandriello
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Same response here. He claimed 2 years ago that he didn't have

time to update his website prices. After 2 years, the items I

wanted are STILL there.

I think I told Chuck Ross about some low prices on his

Strange True Stories and he got the same runaround or

never got a return call. That was 2 yrs ago, I think.

His name, Ron Hamill, apprears on the webpage.

I thought he went under the ebay name of

ronsnonsports or ronsnonsport

but I couldn't find it so my spelling must be off a little
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Ron is a longtime nonsports dealer and used to be one of the strongest advertisers in THE WRAPPER, with monthly multipage ads for a business he called Narragansett NonSports.  He dropped away at some point, don't know if he lost interest or what.  Seemed to go 'semi-active' for a while. (Ron currently DOES have occasional ebay auctions, his handle is something like ronsnonsports.)

All those prices and nonsport cards you find at that website when you Google are from Ron's old webpage which is basically internet 'refuse', historical artifacts floating around on the net for almost a decade now. (Ron was one of the earliest card dealers to get his inventory up onto the net.)  Some of those items I even had the pleasure of purchasing from Ron, years back.

He was/is a terrific dealer -- extremely honest, good grader, dependable.  Perhaps he's a little bit disconnected from the stuff he's left floating around on the net.  I doubt that any of it is still around; when I've asked, the usual reply was "sold years ago".  (Perhaps he doesn't know how to get the ISP to remove the webpage?)

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Here's his Seller's Page:

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