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Charley Ramone
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Ralph: Back in the day you might get away with "monkeying" the dice or being a Dice Mechanic. No More..You must throw a certain distance and all of the tables have "rumble strips" which returns everything to "random chance". There is the ol switcheroo...but you will be caught FAST. Also , they change up dice so often that its unlikely you could get a "home run". The halcyon days of "beating" the casino was in the 50's 60's 70's. No hustler has a chance nowadays. It would be akin to someone winning "keno"! (lol)

"Showin the love since 1964"
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Jim made a very good explanation of the way we grew up 'flipping' cards..

Just to add - the real pros - the ones to stay away from, were the kids who could flip Outdoors.

Indoors, with no wind, was easy.

We did it where if you went first, you could call that your opponent had to equal each flip - meaning if you flipped 9 heads and 1 tail your oppenent had to flip the one tail exactly when you did.
Kurt K.
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Is that the New York 3 card "Full" monty I've heard so much about?

Yeah, I've been trying to kick the habit but can't.

As far as the hustlers go, they should try a class action lawsuit for discrimination. Now their ilk gets tossed out faster than you can say "pay out". Even the card counters get the bum's rush. No respect!

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Anyone have an idea what a Fess Parker Davy Crockett Lunch box would be worth? Thanks
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Watch this until completion

and it should give you a good idea of value.
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Like many others on here, the very firstGum cards that I ever paid a nickle

for in 1956 , was the orange back cards. And our first introduction to Davy

Crokett, was on Sunday nights, watching the Walt Desney show.

Then,thirteen years later, and over 13,ooo miles away, while in Vietnam,

I jumped off a (Slick) UH-58 chopper, and in 1969, ran right smack into

Fess Parker, as he traveled with the USO, visiting troops there.

What are the chances of something like that happening in a life time ?

And then a couple of mouths later, at Christmas, Bob Hope showed up, there

will never be another pair of honorable men like those two !
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