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Bill congratulations on finally getting that last Mother's Cookies card you needed.
Chuck Ross
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Immense satisfaction when the last card in a set is checked off, although a little sadness at the same time that the pursuit of the set is now in my past.
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For me obtaining a card and then putting an X across that card number is fantastic. Expecially one that has taken a long time to get.

Just happened ,for me, with some BION cards.

So share how you feel when a card is crossed off your want list.

Bill Christensen
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Jerry, I just ocmpleted a set after ten years of searching so the feeling I got was a satisfaction that the task/goal had finally been completed. I kept the card next to my computer for two days before putting it with the rest of my set to 'enjoy' it every time I looked at it.
Tom Boblitt
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Card checked off is pretty cool....that last one is GREAT! I have so many near sets that I've been putzing around on for so long. Some I look for every week, some I just come across and then work on them. Some, it might be a decade (like Bill) before finding that last one or just the NEXT one. I keep all my checklists in MS Excel and I go into the checklist and black out that little box and feel just a little better about it all. Good therapy..........

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