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A recent experience on Ebay.
For a few weeks I noticed this 8 panel folder as a buy it now. A Munsing Wear ~ Sheet Doll. The price was $10.95 + shipping.
A very reasonable price for this Doll that should be worth $40 to $50. A somewhat scarcer item. Finally, I checked the one that I have in my collection.
Wow, pretty poor, Sewn together, some stains & worst of all...I had forgotten that I only had 7 panels. So I re-read the offering, = near mint.
Bought it. Got it. Then checked it out, quite nice, what a coup. Oh, wait, something isn't quite right??? Its a copy. I contacted the seller. They told me that it couldn't be. They bought 7 of them from a ex employee's estate. & I was the sixth person to purchase one. So I sent them scans of both & explained the issues.
They were VERY nice & refunded my $ and said that I might as well keep it, because it wasn't worth the return expense.
So, I was fortunate that I was attempting to upgrade & had an original. Unfortunately there are 5 other collectors that think they have the real thing.
They will be in for a surprise some day. I seldom see copies this nice. I'd guess the ex employee made several & gave them away with no intention to defraud.
The dealer would have no way of knowing. I have about 1,000 dolls & with that many you get a feeling of how they should be. If you get something like this...
& are in Doubt, Check it out ~ find someone that can help you verify it.
The one I got from Ebay
Ebay on Left
Ebay Size = 81 x 153mm per panel, note color is faded & paper looks brownish.
Genuine Size = 85 x 157 & paper is thinner

Ebay on left, Back of folder color of ink is brownish rather than Black

Another help is ~ if you had several of them. You would find that any blemish would be the same on all of them...Not likely.

If anyone would like, I can post pointers on what to watch for to recognize incomplete Trade Cards.
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