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Dan C
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I used the Net54 search, then did a global search on coded webpages.
And found nothing.

I searched my laptop for images...nothing. However, I remember receiving images from Don Hayes and John Moran.

I remember seeing card images and partial strips somewhere here at Net54 NS.


Can someone add to this post so I can relax with my coffee and mini chocolate donuts....please.
Chuck Ross
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Dan, do you mean Holloway?
Dan C
Reply with quote  #3 
gee, Chuck, I could hug ya !!!

Wow, talk about loss of memory !

I am soooo embarrassed....really....



Dan C
Reply with quote  #4 
any information or images ?

Adventure Pictures

Airplane Pictures

Comic Pictures

Pirate Treasures

Firemen Pictures

Chuck Ross
Reply with quote  #5 
Dan, unfortunately I have as many Holloways as I do Hollowells
Dan C
Reply with quote  #6 
more Holloway images to be added to other Holloway sets soon..


Dan C
Reply with quote  #7 
Ken, you could send the images via email (as attachments) to the moderator, Tom Boblitt,

who could post them, and/or forward to me for a webpage.

Tom Boblitt -
Dan C
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Ken, is there a "story" behind how you acquired your group of strips ?

Also...have you used the Gallery link (above) ?

If so, might you have any suggestions on how to improve it ?

Chuck Ross
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Ken, you are my hero. I looked for years for a single example of any of the tough Holloway cards. I saw one about 10 years ago on eBay, sniped in with a bid of $900 and lost to a former board member. I would love to see scans of your full sets!
Ken Bush
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I have a full set of the Holloway cards in 10 uncut strips. I would send photos to the web site if I could figure out how to do it. I am new to the site and still have not discovered the secret to using Photobucket and uploading the images.

Many years ago I sent copies of the cards to Chris Benjamin to use in an update to his Non-Sports Card book, but the update was never printed.

Chuck Ross
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Ken, I would suggest you auction that second set. If you ever do decide to sell it yourself, please give me a heads up so I have a shot at it. I think the folks on this board know that those cards have been my "white whale" for years now.

Chuck aka Ahab
Ken Bush
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Dan and Chuck, thanks for your response to my post on the Holloway Cards.

As I said in my first post I am new to the Non-Sports Card web site. I just

signed on a few days ago. I have not tried the Gallery Link yet, but I will

when I get around to it.

I have been reading the Chat Board posts every night and it is already

clear to me that the members are very knowledgeable, dedicated and avid non-

sports cards fans, sometimes known as collector nuts. In other words "my

kinda people".

For the story behind the cards you know the old saying " Even a blind pig

sometimes finds a Truffle".In my first post I said that I had a set of these

cards, I can not tell a lie, I do not have A set I have TWO complete sets!

An antique dealer acquaintance of mine purchased these cards at an estate

aution. Both sets were folded in the middle so they would fit in a small box.

Luckly ten strips of cardboard do not fold well and very little damage was

done to the cards. Also since there are six cards on each strip the fold was

mostly on the dotted line between the middle two cards.

I do not remember what I paid for the cards but I do remember that when

he first showed me the cards I thought they were very pricey and I was only

going to buy one set, but I caved and got both sets. I thought I would keep

one set and trade the other or at a lated date be able to sell them for at

least a small profit. Everyone is good at something and nobody beats me at

procrastinating. So here it is fifteen or so years later and I still have

both sets. But I will try the Gallery Link - when I get around to it.

Chuck Ross
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Ken: There are quite a few good, reputable auction houses out there. My best personal experiences (both buying and selling) have been with Robert Edward Auctions. Rob Lifson of REA is a consummate pro and very experienced at giving consignors a good experience.

Reply with quote  #14 
Hi Chuck,

One of the reasons I looked up the Non-Sports Card web site and I signed on

is because I am planning to liquidate my entire card collection. I have not

been very active at adding to my collection. Many of my cards that are not in

albums were packed away in boxes. I am getting them out and organizing them

and want to trade cards and complete some partial sets that I have. I think

they might sell better as full sets. I want to put the better stuff in an

auction. I do not know which one yet (any suggestions?). I did talk to

Ted Hake about it a couple of years ago. I do not know what I will do

with some of it, maybe ebay. Robert Forbes the co-author of the

American Tobacco Cards book is interested in some of my tobacco cards,

my get back with him. Selling a collection of hundreds of cards is not

an easy task. I would like to finda good auction house that will take

them all.


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