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Eric B
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No books out there for non-sports E cards. I expect you have about 6 months to pick them up before the NSB (non-sports bible) comes out and raises the prices. At least I expect them to be covered there. I know I would, if I wasn't already exhausted on cash for other stuff. I would also look for other cards like Arm & Hammer birds, Arbuckle coffee, etc.
Tom Boblitt
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the one listed in the Wrapper? Richard Masson noted that on the VBC.
Eric B
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not sure where I heard about it. Never seen an issue of the wrapper. If you have some more info, or a website to look at, let me know.
Tom Boblitt
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is at

I don't have a subscription although I probably will pretty soon. I picked up some sample issues off ebay. Not a huge amount of N issues but lots of 1950's stuff. Decent resource for that.

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Any idea who is putting this book out? I wonder what kind of sales they tracked to determine prices.
Tom Boblitt
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Not as off-topic as you thought

September 29 2006, 4:30 PM

Add my name to the list of non-sports collectors. I would venture to say that there are a fair number of such collectors on this board already.

The other publication to mention is something called the Non-Sports Bible, or NSB. It is supposed to be as comprehensive as the Mitchell book and the Sport Americana book combined. We'll see because it hasn't been published yet. There is an ad for pre-publication ordering in ever issue of The Wrapper.

Does anyone know where this stands in terms of being published? It was supposed to come out earlier this summer.

Scott M
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Hello all,

First post over here but the new forum looks great and I'm glad to see that it has quite a bit of participation already.

I've been looking for a while to see if there is a good resource book out there for non sports "E" cards.

I have a copy of the ACC but I am looking for a book similar to the American Tobacco Cards book by Forbes & Mitchell but for "E" cards.

Does anyone know if such a publication even exists?

Tom Boblitt
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welcome.....I don't know of any and maybe Pete Calderon could weigh in on it. I know he's really into ALL E cards, so he might be a great resource on it.....I just got an E27 Teddy's Trophies from Pete.....I have a lot of different E non-sports but man....they are in overall CRAPPY condition. Tough to get them even as nice as the sports. Guess it's just indicative of how many kids played with them all back then.....

Scott M
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Yep, I asked Pete a while back and he wasn't aware of one but I figured I'd throw it out on this forum and see if anyone else might know of a book for E cards.

LOL on the condition of E non sports cards... Much like their Baseball counterparts they are definitely tough to find in anything better than good to vg condition.

As you said, at least it shows that the kids played with and enjoyed their cards
Ralph Perry
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Last report was that Chris Watson is on the verge of distributing the NSA. Since Chris has essentially been a one-man-band on this venture, the delays are understandable ... and I think the final product will have been well worth the wait. We haven't had an updated reference book issued for vintage non-sports since the 'white' edition of the Sport Americana non-sport guide, 23 years ago.

Jerry Hrechka
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My way of evaluating card values is by tracking sales on Ebay. I believe that I am knowledgeable ( In the sets I collect) about which cards are readily available & which ones only come up on in infrequent basis. It's the old cliche - What is a collectible worth?

"What someone will pay for it"

I also try to follow any auction sales, but there the lots are usually large or single cards of PSA8 or higher which yields little information for my purposes.
Keith O'Leary
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Very sharp looking "E"s.


Mark H
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Thanks Paul and Keith.

Tracking public sales is the most obvious way to valuate cards, but there's nothing like a published price guide to give substance to insured values or private sale prices.

Besides, without a price guide, how can anyone say the book is way off?? (where the heck are the smiley faces in this joint?)
Mark H
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I can get E card pricing sometimes from the monthly NS mags; I keep an old NSU and Collect! magazine, but they give very rough estimates, if the issue is listed at all. Right now, the most realistic price guide for E cards, IMHO, is through tracking current sales.

Had to laugh about the comments concerning condition; most of my E cards need the plastic sheets to keep from falling over! I did luck out and pick up this set of E49s in very crisp condition; needs the Boone to complete.

Tom Boblitt
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What is Chris Watson's background? If anyone has his email, please forward a link to this board. We could obviously use his knowledge on a lot of issues.

Scott M.
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A price guide would certainly be welcomed but the thrust of my original post is that there doesn't seem to be a good reference book out there to identify Non Sports E Card issues.

I would really love something like the Forbes and Mitchell book which has set checklists, descriptions and beautiful illustrations for so many of the 19th and early 20th century tobacco issues.

Mark H
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...agree with you 100% Scott.
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Thanks to Tom we have this great new forum.: I bet we could come up with a pretty good list of caramel sets right here. I'm sure whenever the book comes out it will be great for the hobby, but prices will always be at least a year behind on high demand material.

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Nice set of e49's Mark. Those are about the sharpest I've seen.

Ralph Perry
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The 'purple' edition of the Sport Americana Guide to the Non-Sport Cards, issued in 1983, has an entire section devoted to E cards.

The pricing indications are of course all out of date, but this is a pretty decent reference guide.

The purple edition, as is the case with the other of these guides put out 20+ years ago by Chris Benjamin, comes available from time to time on eBay, just be patient and you should be able to get one.

Additionally, as already mentioned, the new reference being put out by Chris Watson will be the be-all, end-all updated reference guide for the non-sports card hobby. Just about to be issued.

Anyone wanting to contact Chris directly about the Non-Sports Bible (NSB) can email him at

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I use both the Sports Americana Guide and the ACC as far as checklisting and identifying goes. Larry Fritsch sells reprinted ACC's through Nostalgic Press. It's the original Burdick volume.
Dan Calandriello
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This was on the Forum's page 6...thought it was important enough to bring to the top
Shawn Adkins
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Thanks for bringing this to the top Dan as it goes great with the ad in the current issue of The Wrapper from Chris Benjamin who has brand new copies of the book for sale. The Ad is on page 62 at the bottom, book (Blue cover) is $65 and Chris' postal address is provided for orders.
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