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This was also picked up at the UK National Card Fair at the weekend. I saw 2 bird series cards with this back stamp, and the seller said he had seen a card from the fish series with the same back.
These are like T43 or C43 (I think) - certainly the picture is from T43. Others that I have from C43 have the text printed in a lighter blue. Anyone seen printings in dark blue and what does this stamp on the back signify - issued in Asia?
Apologies if I got the ACC assignation wrong - us Brits don't usually use them.

Any help appreciated!

 T43 or C43.jpg


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The ACC designator for your card is C45.  There is no company name on the cards but they were put out by Imperial Tobacco.  The images are the same as those used for the Mecca T43 series. I have a couple of C45 sets and the blue lettering is pretty similar to yours.  There is slight variation in the shade of blue but that is most likely from age fading.

Unfortunately I have no clue what that stamp indicates if anything.  Let us know if you find out.


Mark Nikas
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