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Ken Bush
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I know there was a post about these cards a while ago. Does anybody have a any information?
This is the first one that I have had, it is from a different store from the others that were posted.
Does anybody have any other numbers or ones that were issued by a different store? This one
is 2-1/4 X 3-1/4.

Charley Ramone
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BH Non Sport Lottery Cards? who'd a thunk it? (snicker)

Hey Ken, long time...yeah I remember someone posting these (or at least bringing them up) ( oldie here..cant recall)

Maybe JJ in a pick up thread? or GG?

They are pretty cool.

"Showin the love since 1966 "
marty quinn
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there are 10 to the set, comes in b/w like you have, and a pinkish color... a buddy just won 8 of the 10 for $15 on ebay,,, a full set used to sell in the $100 range , i even seen a set sell for $400....then the apocolypse came....and most everything in nonsports sold off....
Ken Bush
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Here is a link to the thread from 2011. But this only gives me 2 different cards

and 3 different stores

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