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Hi All,

I thought might be a fun thread. I'll start if off with this:

I just received the SPACE PATROL MAGIC SPACE PICTURES set I bought. I had a tough time deciding how much to bid because the seller's pictures didn't show much detail and it was impossible to tell just how nice the cards were. But this is a story with a very happy ending. The cards just arrived today and they are fantastic. I'll be sending them in to PSA at some point, but I'd grade them all between NM-MT and Mint.


tony fryer
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G-men tatooes page,swapped it for 5 french g-men cards.
Chuck Ross
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Boy, there are way too many to really single one out I think. One purchase I do remember fondly was back in the pre-sniping service days when you had to be online at the end to do the sniping yourself. I waited up till 2 or 3 am to snipe in on a lot of all four of the 1930's Heinz Aviation Premium pictures. Those are pretty rare and one of my most enjoyable eBay wins.

For pure mercenary pleasure, I remember about five years ago waking up one morning and with my coffee seeing a guy who had six R21 Believe it or Not low numbers in PSA 6 for BIN at $5 each. Without even looking at my set to see if any were upgrades, I pulled the trigger. As it turned out I couldn't use any of them to upgrade but I contacted a well known dealer (not Hugh Jones) who specialized in PSA nonsports and was advertising R21s at some crazy price like $150 apiece. I asked him if he'd be interested in these at $60 each and he bought them right away. So, a $30 purchase flipped for $360 a week later. I don't usually buy cards to resell, but that memory stuck with me.
Rhett Yeakley
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Picked up this G & B Chewing Gum a few years back in a funky category and I don't think the seller could read the writing on bottom.

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But in terms of nonsports cards, I'd probably have to go with my E282 Oh Boy Gum Jack Dempsey/Tom Mix movie card or my R94 Babe Comes Home card of Babe Ruth. Now if we have to exclude athletes entirely from the mix, I guess I'd have to go with the Mussolini Exhibit cards I've managed to pick up over the years (several different). They are really, really tough to find; I suspect most were destroyed in WWII in a patriotic fervor.
Ralph P
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Hi Alan - was very interested to see these cards after reading about your excellent pick-up!   Space Patrol was always one of my favorite sets to collect, when I was working on 1950s nonsport sets, and I had the color card set, the magic pictures, the stamps, the comics, the pouch, you name it!  As a completist, I needed EVERYTHING.

After looking at your eBay auction, can tell you I had a set exactly like the one you picked up -- printed on cardstock and could fit into a 9-card plastic sheet.  I don't think you're going to be too pleased with what follows.  Reported on this in THE WRAPPER sometime back and on this board.  It is apparently not the actual, original issue for Space Patrol Magic Space Pictures.  Not sure just what it is, and it IS kinda neat, but not what is commonly out there and bought/sold by collectors. 


Picked mine up at a toy show (was shocked to spot them and snapped them up for a song, like a hundred bucks) but then later realized when I got home that these were NOT the actual Chex issue!  These were smaller ('normal' card size), on cardboard, and no side notches.  Am still not sure what they were, though I recall hearing a story that someone, at some time, had printed up his own version of the Chex magic space picture cards so that he and a small circle of friends could have them.  But to make sure there was no mistaking these for the 'real deal', he downsized them and printed 'em on cardboard.  This is highly speculative, though, so would not put a lot of stock in this story . . .  A vanity issue, private reprint, what?

The actual original Chex Magic Space Picture Card set was issued on papery stock, somewhat larger size than what fits into a 9-card sheet (I needed 4-card sheets to comfortably house them) and each card had two  'notches' cut into the two sides, though not sure what role those played . . .

Not sure exactly what you've got (as did I)  there . . . very cool item, but mysterious . . . and quite surely not the original issue.  Would be unfortunate if these were mistakenly 'authenticated' as the original 1950s issue (as it appears they are not) by a grading company.

Perhaps other 1950s / Space Patrol experts can chime in here . . . 

Todd?? Bill?? Jim??? Others???


Edited to add:  P 83 of purple Benjamin guide has more info, says 2 13/16" by 4 3/8" and printed on plain paper, two circular notches cut out from each of the lateral sides.

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Hi Ralph,

Thanks for the info. Another collector emailed me privately earlier today and told me he'd seen this version of the set before too, but he also doesn't know exactly what it is or where it came from. I really don't feel cheated. The seller didn't advertize the cards as something they weren't. Plus, I looked at the picture in the NSB and saw that these cards didn't have the notches, so I knew they were different. It's possible Ralston still produced these cards, say as a promotional item for a customer, or maybe as some sort of press proof. Who knows? If I'd spent $10,000 I might be upset, but for $1500 I'm very happy to have them as part of my collection. The only real bummer is that I still need to find a set with the notches!

Todd Riley
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Never heard of the small cardboard ones. Do you have a scan of front and back? My first guess would be like Ralph suggests and are possibly a knock-off.

The real ones are on thin card stock (or heavy paper) and are fairly large:

Richard L.
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I've added a few scans, one to show the size in comparison to the color set and the other 2 to show the printing quality. The paper used is somewhat porous and black ink splatter is common as is bleed thru from the opposite side. Checking the seller's completed cards, mostly 70s/80s I feel is a clue. Now Alan,I need only 4 more to complete(been working on the set for 15 years),does this mean I'll have added competition .

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Thanks Todd and Richard. Looks like I overpaid. Oh well. My own fault. Maybe I should change the title of this thread to Worst Cards I Ever Bought on EBay!

I don't think you have to worry Richard. After thinking about it some, I'm probably going to bump this set to the bottom of my wanted list (and that means it will be a long way from the top). I'm much more interested in the color SPACE PATROL cards and trying to complete that set. Anyone got any to sell or trade? I have some high grade extras to trade.

James Trever
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I think the important thing here is to just realize the smaller size Space Patrol Magic Pictures on card stock are a privately made set. Value should be considered speculative at best. These are a repro set only. Since they are not genuine, they should not command a premium price. That said, they may be the only way of finishing the set if you are working on one. Jim
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