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Jon Hardgrove
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A T & T is trying to sell their U-verse package.

We got an email that they could combine our bills (multiple lines) and everything else would remain the same. We called the representative in the email and again was told the only change would be in the billing.

We said OK, go ahead, as it would save us a 49 cent stamp monthly.

When the service rep came, she asked the location of the modem. She then explained that our voice line, like our internet line WOULD GO THROUGH THE MODEM!

We asked to cancel the change. U-verse is much faster than DSL WHEN IT WORKS, but the modems seem to be having teething issues. Ours has been replaced three times in about 14 months. No way did I want our main order line going through that.

Well the tech didn't make the change here, but A T & T cut loose our line somewhere. This was Wednesday of last week (7 Jan 2015). Repeated calls to A T & T get the response that they have done this to literally thousands of small business customers, and with luck, they will get us operational sometime this coming Wednesday (14 Jan 2015).

As a result, our order line has been off for a full week.

Complaining does no good to a company the size of A T & T, but maybe I can save someone else here our grief. If you get an email like the one I received, MAKE SURE THE CHANGE IS WHAT YOU WANT, THE SALES FORCE EITHER DOESN'T KNOW, OR DELIBERATELY MISLEAD!

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