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I just joined the forum after reading posts for a few weeks. I find the site educational and informative. I have a vast knowledge of non-sports as I have a substantial collection that I have been buying and selling for more than 12 years. I have several original Spanish Batman cards that I purchased from a dealer some years ago and would like some help identifying the set name if possible. They are from the 60's and I believe the art is by Al Plastino. Has anybody ever seen the cards? Thanks and have a Happy New Year.


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Hi Mike, Welcome to the group!

Cool Batman cards. Do you have any other nonsport cards in Spanish?  How about other collectors in our forum? 

Offhand, I can think of the Mars Attacks set from Argentina (does somebody in the group own 'the' set, or some typecards from this incredible find? would be great to see).  There was also a group of G-Man cards from Cuba, which Mark Finn and I arm-wrestled over, on eBay, a little while back.  Have never seen 'em again and if I knew then what I know now, Mark, well . . . let's just say you got 'em cheap!

I would suspect there would also be Spanish Mickey Mouse Gum Cards out there . . . others???

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Thanks for the reply. The only items I have in spanish are the photos listed a d few other Batman cards. I have some spanish comics also.
Chris Watson
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I'm not familiar with these Batman cards, but would have to guess that this is a mid-to late 1960s issue...this is no great insight, since Batman cards base on Topps issues were released in Canada, U.K., Australia, Denmark during this period of time.

I've always been fascinated with sets released outside of the United States that are based on U.S. issues. Those specifically containing Spanish text...Hhhhhmmmm, consulting the NSB digital text, I can list the following:


        ‘63 - Stani Products,         64 x 89 mm

        Argentina, 60 numbered cards


        ‘65 - anonymous,         63 x 88 mm

        Argentina, 53 numbered cards


        ‘30s - Cuban Sweets, S.A.,         62 x 79 mm

        Cuba, 72 numbered cards

SORRY - No readily available picture (they are patterned after the Gum, Inc. issue) of the board contributors has some, so hopefully he will post.


        ‘74 - (Topps Chewing Gum),         64 x 89 mm

        Mexico, 55 numbered cards


        ‘77- (Topps Chewing Gum), 64 x 88 mm

        Mexico, 66 numbered cards

STAR WARS - La Guerra De Las Galaxias

        ‘77 - anonymous,         64 x 90 mm

        Argentina, 66 numbered cards/27 numbered cards


        ‘52 - Topps Chewing Gum,         67 x 96 mm

        Mexico, 100 numbered cards

Again, sorry that color images are not readily available (I've upgraded the laptop in the last couple of years and they are saved on the old one)....have to make due with the B&W images that have been incorporated in the NSB.

I would very much like to have 300 dpi color scans of front and back of any issues that are posted under this thread, including at least a couple of which I am aware: Charlies Angels and the Cuban G-Men to which Ralph previously alluded.


Tom Boblitt
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glad to have you on board.....

I can speak from the baseball side of things with the Topps Venezuela's of mid-to-late 1960's and 1977 Topps Football Mexico issue. TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH to find in any type of condition. Thanks for sharing those as I love this kind of stuff too.....

Mark Finn
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Here are 2 cards for this thread - Cuban G-Men (Card Image 319) & Cuban True Spy Stories (Card Image 2). Are we excluding other foreigh cards like French, Canadian, Belgium, New Zealand, etc.)?

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