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Im a dutch batman, monkees and soccer card collector. Your overview of the Batlaffs and black bats are very informing. 
In the Netherlands the Riddler and black bats are issued with dutch text. The blue and redbats are not issued in the netherlands. 
Im looking for some batlaffs and blackbats. And have from same series lots of doubles. Also so Riddler with dutch text double

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Hi Knoot,

I have some extra Batlaffs with the Batman logo in place of the joke.  What numbers are you looking for? 

Also, there are 2 versions of this set, One has a large bold © next to the A&BC logo; the other has a smaller, less dense © next to the A&BC logo.  I added 2 pictures below showing the difference.  Do you collect both versions? 



Bill O.
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