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robert a
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Tom Boblitt
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see the other thread on pennants/blankets/leathers.....

This is one of many leather's issued in the envelope you show inside of tobacco products. Cards, Blankets, Leathers, Silks, Stamps, Pinbacks, etc. The leather itself isn't exactly tough but the envelopes are tougher. The leathers, in groups, usually sell for a buck or two to 4-5 or so. Individually, the Notre Dames and select others sell for 10 and up. Some of the tougher sets are more valuable. There's a Rutgers on ebay right now with the fight song on it in the $20 range right now. Remember though that Rutgers played in the first football game ever in College (and, by the way, was the ONLY team to beat my University of Louisville Cardinals this year, so I'm a little p.o.'ed about that....).

I like the leathers for a number of reasons....they are available. Usually in lots for reasonable amounts so you feel like you're getting a nice deal. I like the college aspect of it as there are recognizable subjects. Nice item.....

robert a
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Thanks Tom!

Think it was a send away kind of like m116 (the envelopes are similar) where the smoker has to accumulate a certain amount of coupons and then pick from a checklist which school you would like?


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