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Tom Boblitt
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They always have a few on display. When I was there in 2000, they had all baseball cards on display......Some T206's including the Honus Wagner, some Cracker Jacks and a couple other frames worth. They never show but a small fraction of the amount they have. Still it's good because they ARE works of art..........

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Thank you very much for the responses and direction guys.
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Hi. I picked these up and I cannot figure out what they are. I thought they were n622's but believe I may be mistaken. Plain backs and thick. They are a tad smaller than the n613's and I have not seen them before. Thank you.

Tom Boblitt
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I think the N622 category is a 'catch all' category for anything that doesn't have advertising but is believed to be a tobacco card. I would put these in that category like you would/did. Neat cards and have some value but maybe not as much as some of the tougher advertised brands in the small or large sections N595-N680........I would LOVE to look through Burdick's books at the Met on these classifications (and TONS of others) just to get a good feel for what they look like.

If they're like the 'E' card books, there are classifications that he has in the ACC that he doesn't have a representative card in his collection for. Assuming those were put in the ACC based on notes from other collectors or contributors.

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Hi Arthur and welcome .

Tom or anyone in the vicinity of NY ,

Theres an exhibition on at the Met and over 100 ...yes 100 of the cards can be seen without appointment .
Daniel H
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Did you mention E card books? Know of when a book on E cards might become available?

Tom Boblitt
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Just had to open my flap trap there, didn't i.....
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