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As we wind down the last week of 2017, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about the collecting year that's almost over and look ahead to the one that's about to begin. Though I didn't amass as much stuff as last year, I still was able to cross some long-sought types off my want list and make a few new discoveries along the way.

My "top 10" acquisitions of 2017:

1.  R162 Walt Disney Pictures type - Though it wasn't a major character, I saw the window closing on the run of these extremely rare types in Hake's auctions and pulled the trigger at a price I thought was a little high, but which I was willing to pay.

2.  Chase's Funny Capers near set in original box - Given the number of boxes, near sets and individual cards from this series that later appeared on eBay as part of the same "find" that produced mine, I seriously overpaid, but was glad to acquire this rare item, nonetheless.

3.  R88 Matchem type - Again, I paid more than I wanted to, but concluded that I probably never would be able to add this long-sought type to my collection if I didn't step up. Mine is the "animal" version; I'd love to find a "faces" version (as well as a type from its sister series, R87 Make Faces) to go with it.

4.  Ray Shafer for Governor card and wrapper - I was happy to add this example of one of Topps' most unusual issues to my collection at a very affordable price, but turned down the opportunity to add the wrapper proof from the Topps Vault later in the year.

5.  TV Westerns ad panel - TV Westerns was one of the first vintage sets I collected, and I was thrilled to be able to add a Topps advertising panel from the series as a "go-with," despite its having been cut into thirds by an enterprising youngster, circa 1958.

6.  Combat ad panel - I was happy to be able to add a sample to my collection from the "find" of these that surfaced this year. Not only is it my first Donruss ad panel (side note: Who knew Donruss even made ad panels?), but it also is my first vintage uncut ad panel.

7.  Mairzy candy wrapper - I missed out on one of these at a reasonable price a couple years ago, but was happy to pay a little more to add an obscure WWII-era Topps item to my collection.

8.  Spook Theatre box - I normally don't collect boxes unless I can get them especially cheap or they're part of a set I find especially appealing. This box fit both categories, and I was thrilled to find it.

9.  Flipper's Magic Fish "idea sheet" - I was able to pick up a few Topps "idea sheets," originally from the files of Woody Gelman, this year; however, this one was my favorite since it gave me a rare Magic Fish to go with the wrapper, which I've had for several years.

10.  Magic Funny Fortunes wrapper - This was a favorite pickup just because I finally won one! I was the underbidder on several throughout the years until I finally went for broke and entered a "nuclear bid" for this one... and ended up with it for a reasonable price anyway.

And some honorable mentions (in no particular order):

--My second "Topps True Facts Series" comic
--Four-Star Candy "Aero-Space" candy cigarettes box (I'd never seen this issue before)
--Indian Gum premium ring
--Wacky Packages "Wacky Plack" type
--Bazooka "Know Your Sports" and "Spalding Sports Show" comic wrappers
--Aviation Gum wrapper
--French Paper Co. monster cards and box (not "vintage," but rare and cool)
--L.M. Becker "Spooky Surprise" bag, card and plastic toys
--Fleer "Heads Up Gum" wrapper
--Saylor Bread "Superman" card with attached coupon

Every year I set a goal of cutting back spending on cards, though I rarely meet it. I did this year, nearly halving my card spending from 2016. However, that came at a different kind of cost, as I missed out on some rare items, including a lot of Blony paper novelties, a set of Jack Davis "Monster Fan Cards" and a pair of Topps "Story of the Bazooka" wrappers.

For next year, I'm setting a goal of again cutting back card spending. Nearly half of my non-sports spending this year was taken up by just three hard-to-find items. About three-quarters went toward just a dozen items. As the number of items on my want list (which one dealer called "the most exotic list I've seen in a long time") continues to dwindle, I'm paying a lot more for a lot fewer items. While I'll continue to do that as long as I can, I sense a plateau coming, where if I'm able to cross one or two items off the list each year, I'll be lucky. (And they're not all "vintage," either -- several of them are 1980s issues that just don't seem to exist.)

I had thought once about taking a break from the Philly Non-Sports Card Show for a while starting next year, maybe cutting back to just one show a year, or even one every other year. But by driving up and back in one day, as I did this year, I'm able to save on hotel and dining costs, and that makes a difference. I'm still in! For now, anyway.

How about everyone else? What were your top pickups for 2017, and what are your collecting goals for 2018?

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Here's my "best buys" list for 2017.  I don't add up everything I spend ... it might scare me.  Not a bad year for purchases.  Listed in no particular order.  -Jack J.

-  1959 Funny Monsters (You'll Die Laughing) 1 cent wrapper
-  1962 Mars Attacks wrapper - Great Britten 1D repeating
-  1962 Mars Attacks wrapper - U.S. 5 cent (can't believe I finally added this one)
-  1938 pink Horrors of War
-  "Real Insignia Wings" wrapper - Gum Inc.
-  Wacky Plaks wrapper - Scanlens - Australia
-  1938 orange Horrors of War wrapper with border
-  1960's Van Brode variety pack insert - Famous Persons Busts (not NS but I love it)
-  Group of seven Van Brode Planes cards

Seems it's the wrappers that really ring my Christmas Bells.  - JJ


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2017 wrapup:
Finished T51 Murad College Series Master Set (last card at PSA getting graded)
Finished T56 Emblem Series basic set (last card at PSA getting graded)
Bought a bunch of Christopher Columbus cards and asked PSA to create a "Historical Figures" Master Set for him.
Bought C3PO Goldenrod variation, Heinz Jimmy Doolittle (local hero), 2x 1985 GPK Adam Bombs, and some oddball John F. Kennedy cards. 
Still working slowly on my mid-grade T121 World War I Scenes PSA set.

Baseball side: Got a big start on the Mantle Master set.  Have about 20 already graded, and 40 more in the queue to mail in.  About halfway through the 1959 Fleer Ted Williams set.

2018 Goals: Makes trades, not big purchases.  Sell more stuff through COMC or eBay directly.


PSA: "Sometimes Get Cheated",sr,i100 


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As to 2017 success, biggest coup was the recent purchase of Ennever & Appleton cards. Was able to add 12 to the number of known cards in the set.

For 2018, goals similar to 2017:

(1) Determine the title of the remaining Bazooka World Famous Stamps, and hopefully acquire them.
(2) Finish my Goudey License Plates sets (missing only Vermont 1937)
(3) Finish World Wide Gum License Plates (need 5)
(4) Learn more and acquire more of the Kelloggs vehicles cut from cereal boxes (there are at least 3 different sets).
(5) Learn more and acquire early 1950's Cracker Jacks sets Old Autos, and License Plates.
(6) Get closer to completion on 1949 Topps License Plates.

I really enjoy documentation of some of these obscure sets almost as much as acquiring them.

Having said the above, wishing everyone a healthy, profitable, and enjoyable 2018.


Jon Hardgrove

If you think "one size fits all" - try walking a mile in your spouse's shoes!

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NS-wise, it's all rock and roll for me:

[Green%20Day%202x%20signed]  [2016%20Topps%20FP%20Armstrong] 

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Jason, looks like you acquired some nice stuff from your type list this year, congratulations.  I am not really sure what I would consider my top acquisitions this year although I did add a bunch of Allen & Ginter cards among some other tobacco stuff which I really like.  The "stuff" I get each year just seems to get sucked into the collection with semi organization.
I also got the "60's card set bug this year and started collecting a bunch of those sets.  Just so much out there and so little focus on my part.

I guess if I had a goal for 2018 it would be to gain more focus and concentrate on a N1-N44 Allen& Ginter run, that actually would  be a many year goal.  I also have started to grade a lot of my sets which is kind of fun in its own way, also helps a little with organization.  Like Jack, I try not to pay to much attention to my yearly spending habits, if  its available and I want it I typically go for what I can afford and have some fun with the collection.  Money can be spent on much worse things. I look at the money my wife spends on clothes, yes she has fun with it and I call it her hobby:-)

Jerry B

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I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year.

Because of 2017 in Houston, my family was lucky and didn't have any damage, but decided to cut back on the sets I was trying to collect. So for 2018 I am changing directions, and going to sell a bunch (about 33) of complete and partial sets I am no longer interested in collecting. I will list some of the sales on ebay and list others here, but I'm still trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

As far as collecting, I'm going to try and complete the few sets I still want and will only go after something new if it is really grabs me.

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2017 was a horrid year for me, as years go.  Glad to see it go.
My collection has its own flow, and this year I've focused more on the 1927/1928 Bill Jones Sayings cards.

I found a book with close to a hundred of these pasted in; I'm slowly going about soaking them out.

I'm on an upgrade mission with my T68 set and my Rice Chex Space Patrol sets too. 

And of course I'll continue to gather up whatever Brach's Railroad cards I can find.

Mark Hellman
non-sports daniel

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2017 was a pretty good one for me; really I'm on a pretty solid three year run. I completed a number of sets and started just as many new ones. Biggest highlight might have been completing my R39 Dare Devils set. Attending the National was nice; goal for 2018 is to go for two days instead of just one. I'm having a lot of fun in the hobby at the moment.

I have thought about trying to only focus on a portion of the want list for 2018. Something like "only work on Goudey, Gum Inc., and National Chicle sets" or "only work on non-Goudey, Gum Inc., and National Chicle sets" but I know that I could likely never stick to such restrictions. I think what might help me the most would be to simply not troll eBay so much but instead I think I might try something completely different for 2018. That is to try actually selling some of my doubles and unwanted cards. I have never been a big seller but think that if I subsidize new purchases with proceeds from my unwanted cards (and comics) that I won't have to cut back next year. Just listed a few cards on eBay to test the waters. Will continue for a while and see what happens.

I'd like to keep posting here and maybe not just in the monthly pickup threads. I'd also like to get back to writing an article or two for the Wrapper. Huge fan of the hobby and want to keep an active role in it.

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2017 was an interesting year....every year I say I want to downsize some and I started 2017 with the same mantra. In the first quarter I decided to sell off a bunch of tougher duplicates in my large type collection. They brought really good money and I decided to sell a few more. Then a few more, then a few more. Meanwhile I sold off a couple of larger collections I had worked on and refocused some into some mainstream A&G's, Duke, Kinney and Mayo's. Spent a lot of time on ebay and in the post office in 2017. Did my first couple of card shows in 2017 also after a 22 year hiatus.

Not sure what 2018 will hold.....definitely doing more card shows and trying to continue to focus more on a smaller number of sets. Hope everyone has a phenomenal 2018!
The Scooper

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2017 brought me to the top of my game at work, I took on a 26 week construction project and managed to do it in 13 weeks, which meant I could retire 13 weeks early.
Retirement has meant I can go through my cards slowly. I still have packages unopened from november 2015/ july 2016/ oct 2016. ( lots of will power there!)
I moved into the home I built in 2010 and has been empty waiting till I was rich enough.
I got another rescue dog (I now have 2 rescue dogs and 3 rescue cats)
On the card front I managed to buy a couple of hundred more green Crockett cards but not many upgrades.
I will be moving them soon.
I sent a nice fat package of cards to a fellow board member that USPS managed to lose, that's $500 worth of cards I will never see again.
BUT all my highs of the year outweigh one small loss. I am healthy and that counts for a lot.
only 2
thin out the collection 
move up at least 2% on my T59 Flags master set. (that is about 150 new backs).
So that wraps up my year.

thanks for reading people HAPPY NEW YEAR
tONY f


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My happiest accomplishment in 2017 was completing my T51 Murad College Series Master set. The first and second editions are raw; the numbered series is a combination of raw and graded. Having the first 200 graded would put a big dent in my card-buying budget for 2018. I'm still looking for nicer versions of the raw cards I have, so the coming year should still be fun in this area.
non-sports daniel

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I just went back through the pickups threads for 2017 and took a look at what I added for 2017. Looking only at sets that I completed or added I see:

R4 Adventures of Smilin Jack in strips
R5 Wischmann Aeroplanes
R10 Cameron Sales Airplanes
R18 Army, Navy, Air Corps
R20 Battleship Gum
R34 Commando Ranger
R39 Dare Devils
R44 Don't Let it Happen Over Here
R47 Shelby Fighting Planes
R51 Wilbur Suchard Flags (29) with Album
R73 Indian Gum set of 216
R75 Indians, Cowboys, Westerns
R98 U.S. Warships
R132 Series of 48 Aviation
R141 Soldiers of the World
R151 Tom Mix Booklets low numbers
R164 War Gum
R165 War News Pictures basic set
R167 U.S. Warplanes
R168 MP& Co. War Scenes
R169 Warships
R177 Zoom Airplanes low numbers
R184-1 Indian Series (non-sepia)
R701-1 Bowman Antique Autos
D72 Mother's Cookies Sports Cars
F281-5 skinner's Raisin Bran Sports Cars
T68 Heroes and Men of History
1976 Marvel Stickers with all variations
Rosan Blue Horror Monsters

I added quite a bit to other sets in progress, some great wrappers, and some reference material. I guess looking back I had a year that would be hard for me to complain about. The want list is still huge though and I look forward to knocking it down some in 2018!

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2017 wasn't an active or productive collecting year. I added only a handful of new subjects to my tobacco collection:

S-series (American tobacco silks): 5 new
SC-series (Canadian silks): 1 new
T-series (American tobacco cards): 2 new
L-series (American tobacco leathers): 6 new
B-series (American tobacco flannels): 3 new

The tough part about reaching an advanced level in any category is that it becomes much more difficult to find anything new. I did pick up a number of flannel color variations, along with some factory/brand variations, so at least there was a package coming in once in awhile.

My best 2017 success was in the tobacco flannels category. I obtained 3 of the 16 remaining subjects I need to reach 100% of the known B-series subjects, which was better than the previous three years combined (a total of 1....). At this improved pace I might reach my goal in thirty years instead of fifty!!

My goal for 2018 is to find someone who has every single subject I'm looking for and buy everything at once. In the likely event that isn't going to happen, I guess I'll have to settle for continuing to plug away one at a  time and hopefully get at least 20 new subjects in the coming year.

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Like Mark , 2017 is a year best forgotten.

I have cleaned out a lot of my "stuff"  nonsport and otherwise.

I've rekindled my affair with some 60's material, buying and selling and also have a couple of N sets I'm romancing...can I stay focused...hmmm?

Continue to fight the urge to build sets...knowing I have little chance of breaking even after the fun. [rolleyes]  I know , I know...ya don't do it for the money...but a craftsman or collector MUST feed his habit  or at least break even in a trade/sale?

Our time on earth is valuble and fleeting .

This year finds me reading and looking and enjoying rather then plunging head long into deep waters I can't swim in.

Non Sports always brings me back, always. There is something new or something quite comfortable and familiar.

kudo's to the NonSportsMen  forging ahead. (high fives the above posters)

I'm in the weeds watching and looking.

" Showin' the Love & Tellin' like it is "

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2017 saw a lot of action in filling in my Topps type run (48-80).  I have to check my figures but am probably about 90% there across all sports and non-sports.  Most of what I need is still non-sports. I have a combination of oddly hard to find 60's regular issues, test issues, and easy 70's cards not worth buying thru eBay left for the most part.  I'm going to post a want list here soon.

I made progress on on my Pak O'Fun set as well, it's about 75% complete.  I also added some 50's and 60's space cards.

2018 will bring more of the same.  I've also started research for my next book project.  More on that down the road but it's not something that will be finished this decade!

Dave Hornish

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