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Even though this is a non-sports board, does anyone know which 1963 issue of the Famous Monster Magazine had an advertisement for the 1963 Famous Monsters Orange Border Trading Cards? 

I have been able to track down that the 
Famous Monster Magazine Issue #15 advertised for the Make-up Contest, while Issue #18 published the winners.  Five of the entries, made it into the 64 card set (#22, #49, #54, #57 & #63).  As a side note, I think #61 looks similar to page 29 from Issue #15. 

I recently completed my goal to get all four variations of all 64 cards.  Now I want to see if the rumors are true, to see if I can I find #3 with a Bat Back and #49 with a Dracula Poster Back.  Getting ready to watch the 1964 move "Bikini Beach" to see if I can spot the winner Val Warren in his winning make-up.

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They also did a new trading card series featuring the covers of the magazine after it was relaunched. (And the art is pretty darn good!)
a.k.a. KurtK
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