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Dave Hornish
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Bill, in my experience there are a number of strange cuts on 1950-51 Topps cards. I have some 1951 Red Backs that almost come to a point in the middle of the top or bottom borders on some cards and I have at least one Hoppy that looks like it was curved when cut. Some old Bazooka comics look like they were sliced into strips on a guillotine and the strips then cut at high speed on a production line and when the strips flexed during this end stage strange cuts resulted. I'd guess the cards got the same treatment.
BIll Bengen
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Hi all,

I have several sets of 1950 Hoppy cards. Quite a few of the cards appear to be either trimmed or miscut. Does anyone have expertise in this series on this isse? Do curved edges always indicate a trim, or can they occur as part of the production process?

Best in collecting, Bill Bengen

Pete D'Luhosch
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Bill, look at Topps Freedom's War - probably one of the worst cut issues ever. 1950 was a bad year for card manufacture.
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