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looking for some opinions on this set: usual questions... tough? short prints? popularity? do you like the cards?
thx for the responses.
Dan C
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Thank you, Mark Finn, for a high res wrapper image (the Gallery image was suspect)

Rand, this one is for you.
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Congrats Rand! Great looking cards & already slabbed for you.

Rick P.
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Can you post the back of a Blatz card? For what it's worth, you can see the unedited artwork (which is really beautiful) on a series of postcards issued during the Fair:

Rick P.
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And on a similar note, there is a set of small cards for the 1939 New York Worlds Fair. Here's the box, a sample front/back, and the set of 16 cards.

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that is one helluva great looking wrapper! i am not a wrapper collector, but that one certainly stands out.

i think this set really shows the art deco lines of the 1930's. i am surprised there is only one set listed on psa and now 2 sets on sgc.
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Rick P.
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Beautiful! Thanks, the way, I haven't forgotten you...had to get a printer involved.
Tom Boblitt
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Series 1 and Series 2 with 16 cards each. I think one's yellow and one's white. I have a couple extra of each series if you can't find them. Ralph's right on with his pricing of about $25 each boxed series and I think that's one reason they are somewhat depressed pricewise is that the boxed sets are more prevalent. Beautiful set you picked up though and it's already graded. That'd cost you $5-$7 per, so $150 or more to grade the 36 cards.
Dan C
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Jim VB
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It's a beautiful set, with great colors. I have always liked it.

I don't think it's a particularly difficult set to get hold of and I don't remember any cards being short printed or rarer than any others. I think the first and last cards (#1 and #32) are a little bit tougher, for the usual condition reasons.

Let me know if you're going after it. I probably have 8-9 dupes and could help you start.
Steve Lucas
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32-card set issued in either a 16-card box or via packs. A couple of these sets hit the auction market last year, and they sold for $200 - $300. Heritage just sold a completely graded one (#2 on the SGC Set Registry) earlier tonight for about $350. Nice colors and theme, but not much demand for the set.
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i won the Heritage set. here's the link

i have seen this set for sale in the major auctions and thought the cards were really beautiful. they sold for more than i was willing to pay. i think they were in better shape. i have not seen any sets for sale ( have not actively been looking either) in raw condition.

i think this set is really under appreciated. i paid $290 + juice, which averages just under $11 per card graded with my favorite company SGC, what better way to bring out the fantastic colors than in their holders. the set averages 6.5 with a nice amount of sgc 88/8, and even one sgc 92/8.5. its really nice to buy a complete set graded as it saved me at least $175 in fees.

Ralph P
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Cool set.  A favorite of mine!

I think anywhere around $300-400 should be about fair market value in raw, ungraded Exmt/NM condition.  Not sure what the encapsulation would add to that, but you're the best judge of that, Rand, seeing how they are SGC.

The existence of that blank back 'generic' version of this set, tho, sold in 'souvenir view' boxes of 16 (low and high groups) maybe keeps the price down a bit.  You can sometimes score those souvenir view boxes at flea markets for $25 each, if you are lucky.

The wrapper for the Blatz cards is a whole nuther matter, tho -- very scarce and valuable.


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Beautifull set - Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ralph P
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Rand, just curious: what kind of scanner are you using for forum pictures?

Just noticed you had a nice big picture of your Blatz cards (two columns wide by 5 rows vertically of SCG slabs). Great size, and MUCH larger than my scanner bed's dimensions.

Nice images, too, good definition and color etc., so am presuming those aren't digital camera shots . . .
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hey ralph, not my pix, copy/pasted pix from the Heritage lot.

ps.. do you have a set of these?
Bill Christensen
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Hey Rand, Ralph has a set of everything!!
Ralph P
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As a Chicago boy with a love for 1930s NS cards, how could I not have a set of these? 

Also, Blatz is a friendly favorite ol' brand name for us folks from the Midwest . . . altho my Blatz memories (more recently, the 1960s/70s) are admittedly about   "Milwaukee's Finest Beer", not their olden time days of vending chewing gum . . .


Bill C,

As Austin Powers might put it . . . "Oh, Bill . . . behave!"


Dan C
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A very patient Ken Bush has "held my hand" over the past few weeks getting the

R30-1 images in their correct slots. I think the set's card images are now complete.


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